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Knexus is fully automated from content & product selection through to delivery and optimization. No human input needed.

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Let Knexus do the work

Through machine learning and automation, Knexus takes on the vital but time-consuming tasks required to leverage content, whether it’s from your brand, influencers, customers or partners, from every channel and deploy it at scale across individual buyer journeys. 
  • Time spent manually indexing and categorizing content
  • Time spent manually deploying content
  • Time spent deploying, tagging and categorizing content with knexus
Unlock validation content

Unlock validation content

Tag and index content

Tag & index content

Match shoppers to content

Match shoppers to content

Match products to content

Match content to products

Integrate into buyer journeys

Integrate content into buyer journeys

Analyze & Optimize


Analyze & optimize

the team has made huge leaps in productivity.

“As the visual commerce platform is fully automated – from content selection right through to delivery and optimization – the team has made huge leaps in productivity.” 
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Johnson's Baby - Knexus customer

Johnson's Baby

Emma's Diary - Knexus customer

Emma's Diary

02 Telefonica - Knexus customer

02 Telefonica

Zyrtec - Knexus customer


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