Automatically surface, tag & index content

Gone are the days of manual tagging, indexing and categorization. Let Knexus do the work to ensure your best performing content is seen by the right customer at the right time. 


Deliver the most relevant content

to the right shopper – in real time

Automatically surface, tag & index influencer, social & brand content

Instagram posts, videos, blog posts, articles & images.

Knexus uses AI to surface your content no matter if it lives on Instagram or YouTube or your CMS or DAM. Knexus automatically tags & indexes the relevant asset whether it’s from your brand, influencers or customers so your content is categorized correctly to ensure the right content is seen by the relevant shopper. Say goodbye to manual tagging & indexing. 

Dynamically deliver your content to the right shopper at the right time

Match shoppers to content & content to products.

Knexus automatically matches individual customers to the content that is most relevant & which will best influence their purchase decisions. At the same time as a shopper is consuming content, Knexus dynamically pairs that content with key products for personalized & shoppable buying journeys. 

Surface content from anywhere

Unleash YouTube videos, from how-to’s to product reviews, unlock Instagram posts from influencers & customers & surface blogs from your brand & guests.

Discover more about Knexus

Tagging & indexing your content is only the tip of the iceberg. Learn what else Knexus can do to help you make content sell.

Personalize & Monetize Content

Discover how you can integrate personalized and shoppable content into each buyer journey.

Scale & Deploy Content

Discover how to scale and deploy your content across all social and marketing channels from your website and app to email and PPC landing pages.

Analyze & Optimize Content

Learn how Knexus enables you to leverage your best performing content assets through intelligent analytics and continuous optimization.