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to ecommerce email marketing

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Send individually optimized emails to every subscriber


Unfair to your competitors

Knexus’ machine learning engine continually optimizes to produce more of the results you want, such as purchases, opens, and clicks. The more emails it sends, the better it gets.

Hyper Relevant Content

Send customers rich, relevant emails filled with personalized selections of products, social media posts, videos, and articles. Increase conversions, CTR and reduce unsubscribe rates.

Fully automated

Knexus plugs easily into your existing tech stack, and automatically populates emails with the most relevant content and products. That means personalized emails that quite literally send themselves.

Moving from “what” to “why”

Yes, eCommerce brands need a robust method of recommending products in their emails.

That’s the “what” covered.

But all that content your brand has created on Instagram, YouTube or through articles?

That’s just as important.

With Knexus, your most effective content can be automatically integrated in emails alongside products, giving customers extra reasons “why” they should trust your brand and keep opening your emails.

Leverage More Content Types


Fast-track buying journeys. Select the perfect website article for each visitor, or add the most relevant product to the article your visitor is reading.


Show, don’t tell. Give your visitor another view of the product via brand photos, influencer posts or UGC.



Leverage multi-media. Display value added content, unboxing videos or your latest commercials. Whatever your visitor needs to feel ready to purchase.


Aid product discovery. Deliver your most relevant and effective images and make them shoppable for the products shown within.


Make the most of your YouTube videos. Your site visitors may not find your YouTube channel, but they want the content contained in your videos!

Many More

Whatever the content type, if it’s effective, we’ll deliver it to the right visitor at the right time.

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