Knexus: The solution for ecommerce

Customers fail to convert in the buying journey due to missing validation content at the key buying moments. Knexus enables brands to unlock this content and automatically integrate it into each buyer journey for confident purchases.


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Customers have been propelled into ecommerce Knexus converts more shoppers into customers

Through AI and machine learning, Knexus enables brands to automatically showcase influencer, UGC, YouTube videos, blog posts and articles to the right shoppers at the key moment to create confident purchase decisions. 



120% Sales uplift


176% Conversion uplift


184% Volume of orders

‘Within a few months of putting Knexus live, we’d seen a 162% year-on-year sales increase from our website.’

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Overcome the most common challenges, with Knexus

Stubborn conversion rates

High customer acquisition costs

Lack of customer loyalty

Low online revenue

Integrate content into ecommerce journeys

The majority of valuable content such as influencer posts or UGC is sitting in channel silos, unknown to ecommerce meaning it is also un-indexed. This means brands are unaware of what products their content assets relate to or which part of the buying journey.

Knexus dynamically surfaces influencer posts, UGC, YouTube videos, blogs and owned content from channel silos and integrates it into individual buyer journeys. 


Personalize every digital touchpoint

Knexus combines content intelligence with dynamic customer data to show the most relevant and profitable content to the right person at the right time.

Knexus also makes each buyer experience an opportunity to purchase without the need to leave the page. Through the power of AI, Knexus integrates personalized purchase options into relevant content assets which automatically tightens the moment of influence and the point of sale.


Measure success based on sales impact

Knexus never stops learning about your customers and content, continually testing and optimizes the placement of new and existing content to create meaningful moments that convert.

As Knexus identifies which content is converting best in real-time, brands are able to leverage these assets at scale, across key buying moments.

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