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Win more sales by sending your subscribers individualized email newsletters with content that’s fully personalized to their interests – with visual commerce from Knexus.

Educate, influence and inspire through visual commerce

Let data drive your communications

Your customers are unique. Their emails should be too. Knexus defines the best mix of articles, videos, and social posts, along with products and offers, to include in your newsletters based on each subscriber’s affinities, interests, purchases, and more.

Deliver individual newsletters at scale

Automate your CRM campaigns with email newsletters that are not just triggered at the best time based on live CRM data, but are also populated with fresh, engaging content most relevant for each particular moment and email subscriber.

Win more hearts, minds, and sales

Engage your subscribers with newsletters that educate, inspire, and influence behavior. Knexus uses content intelligence to embed your most relevant articles, videos, images, offers, and more to create CRM communications that keep shoppers coming back.

Keep building on your success

Pinpoint the content types that engage and convert the most subscribers. Knexus strengthens its decision-making process in real time to determine the most valuable assets to send to each subscriber, matching content intelligence with customer data.

Create rich, relevant emails that engage and convert

Tailor newsletter content for each subscriber

Present your shoppers with the exact content that interests, inspires, and engages them to click through and spend time on your website. Through automated and personalized content selection, your email campaigns will always be fresh and relevant – maximizing sales opportunities. 

Boost open rates with personalized subject lines

Maximize your CRM-based personalization efforts by automatically delivering emails with subject lines that have been tailored to each individual subscriber. Let Knexus fully personalize each subject line for maximum results, or create fixed subject lines with a dynamic element for Knexus to determine. 

Build trust with your newsletter subscribers

Enhance your relationships with your subscribers by enriching your email communications and making them highly relevant to build trust and confidence. Re-engage inactive subscribers with personalized content that reflects their interests and activities. 

Unlock the true value of your content

Full visibility into every content asset

Centralize all your brand content, influencer assets, articles, videos, and social posts into one digital content library within seconds. Benefit from visibility into every asset that Knexus can tap into to enrich your CRM campaigns and maximize engagement. 

Tap into the power of content intelligence

Knexus automatically categorizes each content asset with relevant tags to create powerful content intelligence that supports optimal decision-making, ensuring a truly personalized email experience every time. No human input is necessary, but you can add additional tags if you need. 

Continually optimize newsletter performance

Improve sales and engagement from your email campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager, and more. Through machine learning, Knexus continually optimizes its selection and placement of your most effective content for each newsletter subscriber.

Gain unique insights into your CRM campaigns

Prove the ROI of your email content

Quickly and easily see how the personalized content in your CRM communications is performing through the content analytics dashboard. Understand the copy and content that is contributing to the most email open rates, content click throughs, and more. 

Enrich your customer intelligence

Understand the performance of each individual customer journey through email, with a range of content analytics that cover the whole buying experience. From engagement right through to the moment of purchase, gain insight into each buyer’s journey. 

Make more profitable business decisions

Pinpoint your top-performing content assets across your personalized CRM campaigns and use this knowledge to inform future content creation and marketing strategies. Focus on your most impactful content types and make better business decisions. 

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