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How Johnson's Baby delivers personalized content experiences that sell


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Most brands struggle to give their audience personalized, contextually relevant buying experiences. For Johnson’s Baby, it was an all too familiar scenario. Fortunately, the team broke through these barriers by implementing visual commerce. Here’s their story.

Connecting content to sales for good

Most brands know the importance of personalization. But what they don’t realize is the potential of all their content spread across different channels. As a result, brands aren’t creating the most contextually relevant digital experiences to help more shoppers make buying decisions and lift sales.

Johnson’sⓡ Baby, one of the world’s most loved and successful baby care brands, recognised this potential. With influential content available to help new and early years Mom’s, the challenge was to integrate this content into digital buying journeys and improve ecommerce conversion.

Luckily, the brand team made the breakthrough with visual commerce.

Today, this leading brand delivers personalized, contextually relevant content experiences for each and every website visitor. The most effective content and product pairings are always selected for each shopper in real time, making buying decisions much easier.


With advanced content analytics now in place, we can quickly see the relationship between different types of content and sales performance. As a result, the team can tap into direct sales insight to inform future content investments.

In fact, they have uplifted sales by 120% – a percentage that grows month on month. Engagement has also improved across the website, with content clicks up by 73% and bounces down by 24%.

What’s more, the brand has been able to harness its data more effectively and build a better understanding of its visitors, combining first and third party sources in new ways that the team hadn’t ever considered.


Creating a fully personalized website experience with Knexus has delivered strong eCommerce results, and emphasizes the value in providing relevant content to our audience along their journey.


We will continue to focus on delivering high quality content. And we will also be expanding the reach of our personalization efforts to other areas of our business.

See exactly how Johnson’s Baby did it

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