Knexus: The solution for marketers

Consumers are relying on social proof and user generated content more than ever to make informed purchase decisions. Knexus enables brands to automatically deliver this content directly to the customer no matter where they are – creating validated and confident purchases.


Shoppers are seeking validation & social proof

Marketers can deliver this with visual commerce

Through AI and machine learning, Knexus helps brands reduce the customer’s need to research and seek validation elsewhere. Brands are able to leverage the most influential validation content and deliver it directly to customers no matter where they are – accelerating the path to purchase.

Overcome the most common painpoints, with Knexus

High revenue goals

Static marketing budget

Manual personalization & segmentation

Low conversions

Leverage your most influential content

Brands are spending more marketing dollars each year on content creation but have difficulty maximizing the content’s potential at scale.

Knexus discovers and unlocks this validation content in the form of influencer posts, UGC, videos, images and blogs and delivers the most relevant asset to the right customer at the key moment.


Deliver personalization at scale

Knexus automatically indexes, categorizes & tags each content asset.  

Knexus automatically matches customers to your most relevant influential content to deliver personalized customer journeys. Providing each shopper with a unique experience will in turn, keep them on your site for longer, improving engagement, bounce rates and conversions. As Knexus is fully automated, brands are able to deliver personalization at scale – freeing marketers from the menial manual tasks.

Reach customers at every digital touchpoint

Knexus enables brands to scale validation content across the website & app to email and PPC landing pages. 

Let’s talk about landing pages as landing pages that convert well are like gold dust to marketers. Knexus automatically matches your PPC landing pages to each individual’s search intent delivering product recommendations, influencer posts, videos & more based on the search query. The same goes for your marketing emails, website and mobile app. No longer do you have to choose which content to showcase and where. As Knexus is fully automated, we take care of all of this for you.

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