Monetize Influencer & UGC

With the growth in consumer demand for constant personalization being at an all-time high, brands are under immense pressure to meet these expectations. Not only to engage shoppers but also to drive sales, increase conversions and grow repeat purchases.

Brands using Knexus boost profitability

Every time a brand acquires a new customer, it gets a little more difficult to personalize their experience at the same time as trying to entice them to buy. Not with Knexus. 


Sales uplift




Volume of orders

How Knexus makes this possible

Integrate personalized influencer & UGC into individual buyer journeys

No two people are the same so why should their experience be?

Knexus builds unique customer profiles to understand what makes them tick and what motivates them to buy – enabling brands to personalize and monetize each individual buyer journey.

Knexus turns this data into insights to create rich, contextually relevant pairings between the content – whether that’s influencer posts, UGC or owned content – and individual customers.

This not only provides personalized journeys for each customer but also monetizes your content by making it shoppable.

The process is fully automated from content selection right through to delivery and optimization for every customer.

Make each customer touchpoint shoppable

Knexus empowers ecommerce teams with data driven personalization elements and intelligent analytics tools to increase sales and maximize ROI.

Knexus makes each buyer experience an opportunity to purchase without the need to leave the page.

Through the power of AI, Knexus integrates personalized purchase options into relevant content assets which automatically tightens the moment of influence and the point of sale.

It goes without saying that brands who deliver customers exactly what they want, not only make customers happy but solidify their decision to buy from you and not look elsewhere.


Case studies: Don’t just take our word for it

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Personalizing and monetizing your content is only the tip of the iceberg.

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