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How O2 Telefonica increased sales by +318% from their CRM campaigns


Sales Growth


Unique CTOR


Unsubscribe Rate

As a leading brand in the mobile industry, O2 had an abundance of content at their fingertips such as how-to-videos, articles, influencer posts, user-generated content and the brand’s own content. Take a look at how O2 integrated this content into captivating newsletters for individual customers.

See real examples of how O2 Telefonica delivers one-to-one newsletters based on each subscriber’s unique data. Download the full case study.

Industry: Mobile Telecommunications Location: Germany Products used: Email

By implementing visual commerce, O2 Telefonica took on a dynamic and personalized approach to its CRM campaigns – ensuring the delivery of engaging emails every time to each customer. The team were able to not only personalize and automate their CRM campaigns, but visual commerce enabled them to make their influencer posts, user-generated content, videos, blogs and articles shoppable.

An additional advantage was that the platform plugged into O2’s existing systems quickly and easily, which meant there were no changes to the brand’s tech stack nor any disruption to the team’s existing processes.

The best thing? Through intelligent content automation, O2 was able to execute and optimize every campaign without any manual input. In doing so, the team saved on costs and other resources that could then be spent on more pressing priorities. Not to mention the exponential growth the brand achieved.

As a result of implementing visual commerce, the O2 team was able to increase the total sales from their CRM campaigns by +318%.

The number of orders from their email campaigns increased by +184% and the add to cart rates grew by +275%. At the same time, O2’s unique CTOR rate improved by +38% while the unsubscribe rate reduced by +35%. O2 Telefonica succeeded in the delivery of personalized & shoppable email campaigns which gave shoppers the confidence to purchase.


Total sales +318%


No. of orders +184%


Add to cart rate +275%


Unique CTOR +38%