Hear How Personalizing Landing Pages From Paid Search Increases Conversions By 133%

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How leading brands have increased conversions by over 100% using paid search keywords to personalize content

How social media posts, videos, and articles and products can be selected based on search terms to increase trust and improve customer experience

How this whole process can be completely automated to save headcount and scale

Contextual Personalization

Increase the effectiveness of your landing pages by dynamically tailoring them to visitor intent

Increased ROI

You expect your paid search adverts and bids to be optimized for the best results, now it’s time to make sure every click brings up the most effective landing page for each search term.


More Content Types

Personalize not just the products that are suggested, but also decide the most effective video, article, or social media post for every visitor.

Fully automated

The most effective products and content are dynamically selected in the time it takes for the page to load, based on the search activity that brought each visitor to your site.

A million Searches, a million pages

Yes, paid search is an effective tool to drive traffic to websites.

But many brands find that visitors from this channel fail to convert into customers at the target rate.

Too often, visitors land on pages that aren’t relevant enough.

With the enormous number of search terms that can result in a click, creating a relevant and optimized page for every search is a task beyond the capabilities of human planning.

But with machine learning, you can now provide the most effective page for each and every search term, dynamically and at scale.

The result is happier visitors who find what they’re looking for, and conversion rates that improve substantially.

Personalize more than just products


Fast-track buying journeys. Select the perfect website article for each visitor, or add the most relevant product to the article your visitor is reading.


Show, don’t tell. Give your visitor another view of the product via brand photos, influencer posts or UGC.



Leverage multi-media. Display value added content, unboxing videos or your latest commercials. Whatever your visitor needs to feel ready to purchase


Aid product discovery. Deliver your most relevant and effective images and make them shoppable for the products shown within.


Make the most of your YouTube videos. Your site visitors may not find your YouTube channel, but they want the content contained in your videos.

Many More

Whatever the content type, if it’s effective, we’ll deliver it to the right visitor at the right time.

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