Make Content Sell

Accelerate conversions by personalizing website pages with content that’s selected for each visitor in real time, through Knexus’ data-driven visual commerce platform.

Increase Website Conversions

Welcome to a new world of hyper relevant content.

Relevant because it’s selected based on your visitor’s interests.

Relevant because it changes from product page to product page, or from home page to category page.

Relevant because it’s dynamically drawn from your full content arsenal, whether it’s videos and articles or social media posts and user generated content.

1:1 Email

Automatically send the perfect personalized email to every subscriber.

Move beyond just product recommendations – the ‘what you should buy’, and start integrating hyper relevant value-added content – the ‘why you should buy’

Personalized Paid Search Landing Pages

Brands, and their agencies, pour seemingly endless amounts of time and money into optimizing paid search ads.

Yet, often when the visitor lands on your site from an ad, they don’t find what they were looking for quickly enough. Use each visitor’s search query to adapt the products and content on offer, all in the time it takes for the page to load.

How the Knexus Platform does it

State of the art machine learning capabilities enable:


Your brand barely needs to lift a finger. Content is automatically up to date, and dynamic, individualized content selections means there’s no segments or rules to maintain.


Knexus’ Platform crunches an array of data points to understand each customer’s affinities and intent, and to understand the context and effectiveness of each product and piece of content.

And it finds the perfect match, based on the outcome of thousands of previous interactions.


The more data Knexus’ machine learning algorithm has to work from, the smarter it gets. Knexus’ customers typically see an uplift in sales in a matter of days, but it’s nothing compared to the weeks and months ahead.




Learn how to start using hyper relevance to leverage your under-exploited content assets to increase conversions.


Learn how using the right content at optimal moments in the buying journey drives incremental sales.


Keep your facts straight about what content personalization really means in practice.