Integrate content into all owned channels

Knexus is scalable across your website, mobile app, PPC landing pages & CRM campaigns. This allows you to deliver influencer, social & brand content wherever the shopper is.


Deliver personalized & shoppable experiences

across your website, PPC landing pages, emails & mobile app

Paid Search Personalization

In the milliseconds it takes for your landing page to load, Knexus automatically integrates the most relevant content & products to match each shopper’s search intent. 

Hyper Relevant CRM Campaigns

Automatically populate your emails with the most relevant content & products based on each subscriber’s affinities, interests, purchases, and more.

Accelerate Website Conversions

Integrate influencer, social & brand content into your ecommerce site/store. Surface the right content at the key moment for every shopper during their ecommerce journey. 

Personalize In-App Experiences

Dynamically surface the most relevant product recommendations & content – whether it’s from you, your influencers or your customers – directly into the mobile app.

Reach shoppers anywhere, at scale

Whilst a shopper is researching & comparing products & brands, they will interact with your brand in many ways through various channels. Knexus enables brands to surface the most relevant content & product recommendations to the right shopeper at the key moment of their journeys – automatically personalizing & monetizing every digital touchpoint for individual shoppers.


+147% Sales: Paid Search Personalization


-74% Bounce Rate: Paid Search Personalization


+81% Unique CTOR: CRM Campaigns


"The team gained unique insight into how their articles, posts, videos, and other assets directly impacted sales performance. This meant that the team could connect the content within their CRM campaigns to sales for the first time ever."

— O2 Telefonica

‘Within a few months of putting Knexus live, we’d seen a 162% year on year sales uplift from our website.’

— Zyrtec

Your choice of channel 

Paid search? Emails? Mobile app? Website? Everything?

Knexus is versatile and adaptable to your ecommerce goals. You can choose how you use Knexus, whether that’s across your PPC landing pages, CRM campaigns, mobile app, ecommerce store or all channels. Take a look at the subscription plans to choose the best way to make content sell for your brand.

Discover more about Knexus

Scaling your content across various channels is only the tip of the iceberg. Learn what else Knexus can do to help you make content sell.

Personalize & Monetize Content

Discover how you can integrate personalized and shoppable content into each buyer journey.

Discover & Categorize Content

Learn how Knexus’ ability to source content from anywhere and automatically index, categorize and tag it, accelerates the path to purchase.

Analyze & Optimize Content

Learn how Knexus enables you to leverage your best performing content assets through intelligent analytics and continuous optimization.