4 Ways To Speed Up Your Content Creation Process

Sep 5, 2016 | Content Experience

As the time goes by, brands are now leaning on content more than ever before to drive lead generation and awareness. For example, 70% of B2B companies are creating more content than they did just one year ago Tweet: 70% of B2B companies are creating more content than they did just one year ago @Knexus http://ctt.ec/Fjfw1+. The truth of the matter is while demand for businesses to provide excellent content is on the rise, majority of big brands just don’t have the manpower or time to create content on a scale that is necessary. What’s the solution?


The first step is always the hardest, but by adopting some of these tips into your writing regime you will significantly speed up your content creation process!


Sometimes, big brands have a harder time scaling because they are frequently siloed and inefficient and they do not always learn from their successes and failures. Before scaling up to a broader area marketers should start in a small, manageable area where they can identify pain points, create an effective content strategy, and test their processes and technology. Whether you’re working with an internal team or external freelancers, it is critical for you to define specific roles for each process and determine who does what. Having a shared content system in place that makes your content easy to find, present, share, measure for marketing and sales, would save you a lot of time. While having a single view of a customer is crucial, the importance of having a single view of your marketing efforts across the multiple digital channels, is equally important.

Put your systems under control!



What parts of content creation can be automated? More than you think! At Knexus we have a simple but effective approach to omnichannel marketing. The Knexus platform saves marketers time and resource through flexible options to pull in social content from popular channels such as YouTube, Facebook & Instagram, blogs from WordPress, other user generated content, plus branded content created, loaded directly or accessed from existing repositories – helping you give your customers their best brand experience. What’s even more important is that Knexus Intelligence (AI) interface frees up marketers time and accelerates speed to market by reducing complexity, resource and associated cost by auto­tagging all content coming into one unified view, as well as integrating existing tags and metadata, to create a fully searchable taxonomy for your content.

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When it comes to marketers own assessment of their content marketing capabilities, only one in ten consider their content marketing efforts to be fully optimised, which shows that most organisations have plenty of room to improve. This may mean we’re seeing a growing divergence between organisations that are now digital first and completely up to speed with new developments. What is your favourite editorial tool? Do you reuse your templates? Is your content creation process fully aligned among the team members? Surprisingly, 64% of content marketers hesitate to respond to such simple questions. Find out what formats work best for your audiences and create several templates to avoid building your piece from scratch.



What do those numbers have to do with speeding up content creation? Your past performance would help you pinpoint ideas that worked well, and ideas that did not help at all. This way, you already have a clear pattern that you could follow based on the great ideas you’ve had in the past, and can easily eliminate the ones that have not worked for you. Go ahead and figure out what went wrong with the content ideas that did not result to the numbers you were hoping for, so that you can tweak it and start fresh.


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