How to Blend Content and Commerce with Personalized Stories

Mar 2, 2017 | Personalized Marketing

Content marketing blurred the line between traditional publicity and offering value to customers through useful information. Good content indeed inspires trust in a brand but does not necessarily translate into higher conversion rates. That is the reason why companies need a strategy to balance content creation and commerce –in particular since online sales are expected to level up and reach £215.38 billion in 2017.
Fortunately, today’s data-driven environment provides marketers with the ability to engage their target market with personalized stories. The secret is screening and leveraging on the most suitable pieces (e.g. Facebook posts, news, articles, YouTube, etc.) and build meaningful content experience to improve ROI in ecommerce.
In fact, consumers are much more likely to buy from a business that treats them as individuals and understand they are not interested in one-size-fits-all communications. Here is an example of how this works.

Highlighting the Importance of Personalized Content in Commerce

James is Head of Customer Acquisition at a major e-learning platform company. For the past weeks, he has been looking for innovative ways of delivering personalized content to consumers based on real-time behavior and interests. He spotted two insights in the process:

  • Students performing better in an online course are twice as likely to register for another one next semester.
  • Sending content related to a course can boost the signup rate by another 50%.

As a result, he is looking to use these numbers to his advantage and compiled a list of the best-performing students to whom he sent emails with highly targeted articles.
“Hello Nino, congratulations for your excellent score on the test yesterday. You’re among our top 100 learners this month. And I noticed that you were very active on discussion forums as well. This is totally the kind of commitment and participation we encourage.
That’s why I thought you might be interested in reading some additional material on a closely related topic. Please take a look and let me know if you want me to send some more on a weekly basis.”

The Rise of Content Solutions for Retail Commerce

As suggested by the previous example, e-retailers can learn from the data generated by their users and customers and switch the focus from pure selling to providing an enriching content experience. However, 60% of the content created by top brands around the world still fail to impress consumers. So what is the path forward? Can technology bridge the gap?

Marketers can benefit from content engagement solutions in several ways. Those tools help them to connect data from multiple sources and transformed scattered information into actionable insights. They can then set and execute marketing strategies to foster one-to-one relationships –positively impacting the bottom line and ROI.
Knexus enables companies to improve content experiences for retail commerce and meet the expectations of today’s modern customers with personalized stories –building and delivering impactful messages at a personal level on any digital touchpoint real time.

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