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Jun 8, 2017 | Personalized Marketing

Consumers Love Their Smartphones And Apps

Smartphone users access over 30 apps on a monthly basis and launch an average of at least 9 apps per day (source: App Annie report). 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone as soon as they wake up, whilst smartphone users account for 80% of total internet users. Sounds encouraging for brands targeting a better customer experience, improved loyalty or more sales through using mobile apps.

Consumers love their smartphones and apps

Achieving Success With A Mobile App Isn’t Easy

Big success stories for brands like Land Rover, Nike and Starbucks have proven enticing for ambitious brand marketers. Alas, the picture is not as rosy as it appears on first viewing or as easy to make a success as you might think. More than 20% of apps are used only once and then abandoned, whilst smartphone users have more than 50 apps on their phones (on average). Meantime, Android users have a choice of 2.8 million apps and Apple offers 2.2 million. In summary it’s easy for your app to get lost in the crowd or quickly forgotten or discarded.

But let’s assume your mobile app has an active user base. There’s a high probability that those users currently engage with your brand in only a limited and narrowly focused way via the mobile app. Yet with the effectiveness of channels like advertising and email diminishing, your mobile app is prime time when it comes to reaching your target audience. So how can you boost user engagement and increase your mobile app ROI?

Personalize The User Experience

Today’s digital customer is spoilt for choice, has a shortened attention span and doesn’t want their time wasted. So you should be looking to personalize journeys and experiences whenever and wherever it makes sense. Mobile apps lend themselves to one-to-one personalization, but segment level personalization is also an option depending on your marketing objectives and quality of available data.

Use data sources such as in-app user behaviour, preferences and demographics to create rich customer intelligence that can be exploited to deliver targeted, rich content experiences in real time. With the correct set-up and analytics, this approach can not only improve engagement and increase ROI, but deliver insights to drive automated optimisation.

Types Of Content To Personalize

What kind of personalized content will deliver a better experience for your users. The short answer is it depends on a variety of factors eg. your objectives, what will add value for the customer on their journey, the social, marketing and product content already being generated for your brand. It could be celebrity content if you’re a fashion or lifestyle brand, how-to-content or rewards.

Types of content to personalize

The important thing is to consider this from the customer’s perspective (what would they value) and think laterally. Here are a couple of simple examples…

Discounts & Rewards

According to eMarketer, mobile offers are redeemed 10 times more frequently than print offers. More than half of smartphone users download apps to receive discounts and rewards. Exploiting customer data, you can not only target rewards to improve engagement but personalize them to strengthen brand loyalty and improve retention.

Event-based Content

When an audience is interacting on your app, it’s precious time for your brand to engage and make a lasting impression. Use in-app user behaviour to decide what added value content experience to serve in real time, based on the actions of the user. You’ll need suitable technology to match the data and content using an automated approach.

This type of personalized customer journey increases relevance, can extend dwell time and more effectively direct the user to an outcome that makes them feel good and achieve your objectives.
That content may not be directly relevant to the core purpose of your mobile app. But by thinking from a customer’s perspective, you can both enrich their experience and improve your brand’s performance.

About Knexus

Knexus platform helps brands create personalized journeys that engage & convert customers.
The platform uses AI and proprietary algorithms to automatically match customer data with social and marketing content, delivering highly targeted content experiences in real time on mobile apps, as well as ecommerce, websites & email.

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