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May 25, 2021 | Customer Journeys

Consumers have been propelled into ecommerce over the recent years and with this change in buying behavior comes new expectations and needs.

Consumers no longer rely on the traditional tier based loyalty programs to make purchase decisions. Instead, consumers are relying on social proof and personalization more than ever.

Nowadays, shoppers fail to convert in the buying journey due to missing validation content at the key buying moments. Without this content, shoppers have a lack of confidence in your brand or products and abandon the journey to look elsewhere.

According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one, whilst research from Bain & Company shows that improving customer retention rates by just 5% can increase revenue by more than 25%. Therefore, turning the focus to retaining customers should be a no brainer for brands in this digital age.

Harvard Business Review

Reach customers anywhere, at scale

A customer’s path to purchase is no longer linear. Shoppers are spending a lot of time researching and comparing products and
brands. During the course of this research and comparison, a customer interacts with your brand in many ways through various channels. 

Brands are under pressure to deliver better buying moments across all of these digital touchpoints – creating more personalized & compelling shopping experiences that customers want to keep coming back to.

Brands must integrate personalized buying experiences into their emails, across PPC landing pages, the mobile app, and of course the ecommerce site. It is vital that brands don’t focus on delivering solely owned content, they must leverage content from influencers, customers and partners and integrate this content across digital touchpoints to provide social proof and confident purchases.

This scalability will allow customers to shop your brand wherever they are – generating social proof, strengthening loyalty. and boosting sales.

Personalization breeds loyalty

Traditional concepts of how to build loyalty are fast eroding. Customers are more aware than ever of the value their data has for brands and expect more than just tier-based discount schemes in return.

Instead, consumer are demanding constant personalization more than ever. Brands are under immense pressure to meet these expectations. Not only to engage shoppers but also to drive sales, increase conversions and grow repeat purchases.

Although most ecommerce brands understand the importance of personalization, they face the challenge of getting the right content in front of the relevant customer across the right channel at the key moment.

Today’s shoppers look beyond traditional loyalty programmes and simple product information and over to many different forms of influential content from influencers and other customers to decide whether they’ll buy from you or your competitors.

Brands that use visual commerce to incorporate UGC and influencer content into each customer’s journey are creating more confident and repeat purchases vs brands that don’t.

Invesp 2020 statistics

Knexus helps brands increase sales & customer loyalty

Knexus is a revolutionary platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning which pinpoints your most profitable visual and educational content and integrates it into each buyer journey, in real time – from Instagram and YouTube to articles and podcasts.

We match your product to your most relevant content, making it shoppable for your customers. Knexus also makes each buyer experience an opportunity to purchase without the need to leave the page. Through the power of AI, Knexus integrates personalized purchase options into relevant content assets which automatically tightens the moment of influence and the point of sale.

It goes without saying that brands who deliver customers exactly what they want, not only make customers happy but solidify their decision to buy from you and not look elsewhere. Give shoppers the confidence to purchase and sell more with visual commerce by Knexus.

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