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May 26, 2021 | Customer Journeys, Visual Marketing

As the influence of social media grows, consumers are relying on social proof and user generated content more than ever to make informed purchase decisions.

Brands are adjusting their strategies accordingly to keep up with the change in consumer’s purchase habits. Content is everywhere, sitting across lots of different channels meaning when it comes to key buying moments, even the best can be buried away from shoppers and never seen by the right consumers. This results in missed sales opportunities and low conversion rates.

Siloing your content in the channel it was created for means you miss the opportunity to reinforce your messaging to deepen emotional bonds with your audience. Placing reminders at key buying moments monetizes your content and the value of your brand more effectively by achieving higher conversions.

The good news is that there is a solution. It’s data-driven visual commerce.

Visual commerce is on the rise

Social media is playing a significant role in the world of ecommerce, influencing our purchasing behaviors.

Brands are noticing this as an opportunity to start thinking about how to improve their customer’s path to purchase. With consumers spending more time across social media, brands realize the opportunity of using Instagram influencers and user generated content (UGC) to stay relevant in the ecommerce world.

Visual commerce is on the rise

However the challenge is integrating this content into the entirety of the buyer journey away from the channel silos.

Enter a visual commerce platform which automatically finds, tags and categorizes your content across all channels and integrates it into the entire buyer journey beyond the likes of Instagram and YouTube.

With more brands realizing their content’s potential, visual commerce is slowly but surely becoming an integral part of ecommerce, as shown by the growth of the deep-learning technology behind it.

Integrate content into key buying moments

Brands are spending more marketing dollars each year on content creation but have difficulty maximizing the content’s potential. The challenge arises when brands are unable to deploy content at scale across all channels.

No matter how much content you have if it’s not in front of shoppers, the ones with their mouse hovering over the ‘buy now’ button during the key buying moment, you are losing sales and customers.

Using a visual commerce platform like Knexus takes your marketing to a new level by enabling brands to free all content from channel silos and deploy in scale across the entire buyer journey.

According to 2020_B2C_Research_Final.pdf (, 35% of B2C marketers reported a 2019 annual content marketing budget of $100,000 or more. 

Another 31% reported it was less than $100,000. The average annual budget reported amoung all respondents was $230,0000

Content marketing institute report figures

Discover & categorize content

Content is everywhere in today’s world, sitting across lots of different channels meaning even the best can be buried away from shoppers and never seen by the right consumers. The manual resource needed to leverage all content and showcase the relevant content to the right customer at the right time is virtually impossible. Brands need another solution.

Enter, a visual commerce platform.

Visual commerce platforms like Knexus use machine learning to understand and identify what content exists across all channels, no matter where it lives. Not only does this remove the manual burden for marketers but it ensures your best content is not lost in channel silos and is accessible to customers across the entire buyer journey.

With automation in the mix, brands are free from manually tagging, categorizing and indexing multiple content assets. These visual commerce platforms automatically take care of everything for you to ensure all your relevant content is seen at key moments of the buyer journey.

Personalize & monetize content

With the growth in consumer demand for constant personalization being at an all-time high, brands are under immense pressure to meet these expectations. Personalization as it was once known simply isn’t enough anymore.

Brands are now tasked with using this personalization to not only engage shoppers but also drive sales, increase conversions and grow repeat purchases.

Today’s shoppers look beyond simple product information and over to many different forms of influential content to build trust, and gain confidence in your products. Incorporating UGC and influencer content into each customer’s journey is the answer in creating confident purchases.

Invesp 2020 statistics

This is why it is vital for brands to understand what makes each customer tick and what motivates them to buy. Enabling brands to serve the most relevant content and products to each customer.

This is where a visual commerce platform comes in.

By adopting a platform based on machine learning and AI it allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour as well as an understanding of their content.

These systems turn this data into insights to create rich, contextually relevant pairings between the content and individual customers. In other words, the platform is able to identify which content assets are more likely to resonate with each customer, to accelerate the path to purchase and increase sales. As you can imagine, the level of content personalization provided by visual commerce platforms can make conversion rates soar.

Not only this, but they help to save money and time by removing the manual burden from marketing teams. According to the CMI’s 2020 B2C Research Report, generating sales and revenue through content still remains one of the most common struggles within the industry.

Content intelligence combined with rich customer data is the key to better buying experiences. Through machine learning, the placement of new and existing content is continually tested to create meaningful moments that convert. Gone are the days of manual a/b testing with visual commerce platforms like Knexus.

Ready to make content sell?

Visual commerce pinpoints your most profitable visual and educational content. So that you can give your audience rich, meaningful content experiences that communicate your brand narrative, deepen trust, and sell more.

Through automated content personalization, your brand can create valuable one-to-one buying moments. And with consumers relying on social proof and user generated content more than ever to make informed purchase decisions, creating contextually relevant content experiences has never been more important. If you’re already creating great content but it’s sitting across Instagram, YouTube, your blog and many other sources, all you need to do to make it sell is connect it at the right time, in the right place, to the right customer.

Integrate your powerful assets at key moments, optimizing conversions, and combining content intelligence with customer data.

Visual commerce streamlines your marketing spend, saves countless  hours, and gives you the freedom to get back to building your brand in fresh, innovative ways. Paving the way for you to establish or cement your market leadership.

Ready to explore how Knexus can support your vision and business goals? Download our info pack or book a demo.

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