Cross-Channel Fragmentation – Key Barrier of Marketers

Sep 15, 2016 | Personalized Marketing

Companies of all sizes see achieving a single customer view as a top priority, but their efforts are being held by outdated organisational silos that split marketers by channel, not customer. This time, we decided to find out more about the most popular barriers marketers are facing on the “holistic view” journey.

Achieving a single customer view is a goal for companies across every sector, as brands push towards delivering a seamless, personalised experience. The ability to harness the behavioural insights offered by customer data is becoming ever more essential for marketers to communicate with consumers to best effect.

However, true data clarity is being hampered by fragmented organisational structures that split marketing teams by channel, rather than customer. According to a global survey of 1,100 marketers done by Experian, channel-focused structures create ‘siloisation’ of information, making it difficult for businesses to obtain an in-depth customer view.

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As Marketing Week suggests, the bigger the business, the more likely it is they will run into channel barriers as they go about achieving a single customer view.

Some 59% of the marketers questioned in enterprise level businesses – those with a turnover of more than $1bn (£767m) – said they work in teams broken out by channel. As a result, larger businesses are 31% more likely to encounter issues.However, it’s reassuring to see that eliminating internal silos is a top priority for 42% of C-level executives at these companies.

Moreover, of the marketers in mid-market companies – those with a turnover of $25m (£19m) to $1bn (£767m) – 26% said they were working in teams split out by channel, dropping to 19% for marketers in smaller market companies (turning over less than £19m).



Fragmentation in Marketing Technology

Companies acknowledge this foundational challenge yet it still goes unresolved, primarily because it requires a fundamental shift in the to save time and resource, improve content sharing and ensure that your brand matches the most relevant content experience to specific customer needs in order to increase engagement approach.While a sign of the speed of innovation and evolution, the real benefit comes when these technological capabilities and consumer experience – are connected and wired together.

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Fragmentation in Marketing Skills

The new marketing combines both art and science and lies at the intersection of data, technology, creative and strategy. The modern marketer needs to expand his DNA to converge across these skills. For brands and marketers to engage at par with the omnipotent, omnipresent and omnichannel consumer, the marketer needs to become “omni-skilled” as well.

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Fragmentation in Data

As brands and agencies scramble to adopt multiple technology platforms to drive consumer engagement across channels, the natural outcome is a world of fragmented data sets. While technology innovation is leading to the capture, extraction and storage of big data, this data is highly isolated by channel or media type. For example, most brands still struggle to establish a unified or universal consumer profile to help them connect to a single consumer across channels and touchpoints, across paid, owned and earned media. Data remains the single most critical lynchpin to drive a connected and seamless experience. Fragmentation in this area becomes a root cause for broken consumer experiences.

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