Is your validation content missing from key buying moments?

May 26, 2021 | Customer Journeys

The most common answer is yes. Brands have a range of content from their own to influencers, partners and customers which is sitting across the likes of Instagram and YouTube to your CMS and DAM.

When it comes to key buying moments, even the best content can be buried away from shoppers and never seen by the right customer.

The manual resource needed to leverage all this content and showcase the relevant assets to the right people at the key time is virtually impossible. 

Brands have a range of content from their own to influencers, partners and customers which is sitting across the likes of Instagram and YouTube to your CMS and DAM

Why is this a problem?

Well, because shoppers have been propelled into ecommerce and are relying on social proof and user generated content more than ever to make informed purchase decisions. When customers don’t have confidence in your brand or products, they abandon the journey and look elsewhere. 

According to, 77% of all online customers read reviews before they make a purchase. Reviews don’t have to be from trustpilot, or testimonials. They can be Instagram posts, YouTube videos, articles or blogs from customers and influencers who are raving about your products.

What happens when this content is in front of the customer during key buying moments? It provides social proof and confident purchases which accelerates the path to purchase.

It’s a no brainer right? So why aren’t you doing it? Let me guess, it takes too much time, you don’t have the resources or capacity. These are all fair excuses but there is a solution…

The solution

Simple. Integrate this validation content into individual buyer journeys. But how? We hear you ask. Through machine learning and AI. Without a visual commerce platform, brands can’t possibly manually discover and index every piece of valuable content from the channel abyss, never mind personalizing each asset to individual customers. 

Unlock content from channel silos

The majority of valuable content such as influencer posts or UGC is sitting in channel silos, unknown to ecommerce meaning it is also un-indexed. This means brands are unaware of what products their content assets relate to or which part of the buying journey. Adopting a visual commerce platform like Knexus automatically takes care of this for you, automatically tagging and indexing your validation content. 

Personalize every digital touchpoint

Most ecommerce brands understand the importance of personalization but getting the right content in front of the relevant consumer at the perfect time is virtually impossible to achieve manually. This is where AI and Machine Learning comes in. It’s all well and good having a view of all your content, having it perfectly indexed and categorized but if the right shoppers don’t see it at the right time, it’s pretty much pointless.

Visual commerce platforms based on AI & ML like Knexus, are able to match customers to content and deliver it to the right shopper at the key moment, providing personalized and shoppable experiences. No two people are the same, so why should their buyer journeys be?

How Kenxus helps

Knexus visual commerce platform automatically delivers personalized & shoppable social and marketing content to the right customer at the key moment – giving shoppers the confidence to purchase. 
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