Optimizing Thought Leadership Content To Influence B2B Purchase Behaviours

May 24, 2018 | Content Experience

Thought leadership content is an important way to position a brand in the minds of potential prospects, building relationships & trust with them. A recent report by Edelman & LinkedIn, “How Thought Leadership Impacts B2B Demand Generation”, indicated 45% (nearly half) of decision makers and 48% of C-level executives said thought leadership directly influenced them to award business to a company. Clearly if done well, thought leadership can influence B2B decision makers purchase behaviours and has great potential to bring value, stronger customer relationships/ brand awareness and greater conversion.

Optimizing Thought Leadership Content To Influences B2B Purchase Behaviors

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“Thought leadership is about providing content that makes people think about things in a new or different way.”
– Mitch Fraser-Jones, head of investment communications
at Woodford Investment Management

Key factors to optimize Thought Leadership content:

Thought leadership content influences B2B decision maker’s purchase behaviours throughout the sales funnel. So here are three key factors to consider for optimizing thought leadership:

1. Quality:

Quality of thought leadership content is the most important factor to achieve success. If content is superficial, or doesn’t deliver any value to readers, it can even have a negative impact on purchasing decisions of prospects. In fact, the Edelman & Linkedin report found that 53% of C-level decision makers have lost trust or admiration for an organisation because of poor thought leadership content. Additionally, 30% of decision makers and 35% of C-level executives decided NOT to award business because of the quality of thought leadership content through the customer journey.

2. Relevant & Real Time:

You might have very good thought leadership content but if it’s not positioned for the right audience at the right time, it has no value. Relevant, buyer mapped content, delivered at the right time, can lead to greater impact by creating familiarity, trust and influence buyers – and even directly contribute to winning business.

Key factors to optimize Thought Leadership content

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3. Fact Based Opinions:

Opinion in thought leadership supported by facts & stats improves the value of content. Reports state that 78% of decision makers rate content that “identifies new trends and issues that I should be aware of” as important.

“Genuine thought leaders get noticed by offering some information, insights or ideas that are different.”
– Anne-Marie McConnon, CMO international at BNY Mellon

Thought Leadership Content Rules the B2B World

It’s no great mystery why thought leadership should be so enticing for decision makers. A proactive and strategic thought leadership program will go a long way towards helping B2B firms stand apart, deliver value to existing clients and attract new customers. And no doubt B2B companies are heavily invested in creating Thought Leadership content. Here are a few examples how leading B2B financial services brands are utilizing thought leadership content throughout customer journeys to improve customer engagement, trust and stronger demand generation.

1. Woodford Investment Management

When created by senior leaders, thought leadership content is one the most valuable activities for promoting understanding and improving perceptions among clients. Asset and Wealth Management Firms are using this approach to improve engagement. For example, Woodford Investment Management uses its blog and Insights section to share a series of timely and valuable insights on current economic developments. Written by Senior Executives & providing frank opinions helps to make this content more trustworthy.

Woodford Investment Management

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2. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has built an in-house expert team to create exceptionally insightful content. In the ‘Technology Driving Innovation‘ and ‘Exchanges at Goldman Sachs‘ section of its website, Goldman Sachs team covers technological mega-trends that are reshaping business, markets and entire economics, offering in-depth discussions on major investment issues.

Goldman Sachs

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3. Wells Fargo

Thought leadership content in financial services is often highly targeted to the economy and market activities. Wells Fargo is very niche in this category & offers their perspective on economic data they have purchased around topics such as interest rate fluctuations, investment outlook, consumer spending, pricing fluctuations, economic reports/indicators etc.

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