Personalization – A Pillar To Your Seamless Customer Experiences

Aug 24, 2016 | Personalized Marketing

This year, a great majority of marketers plan to increase or maintain their budgets in the hopes of delivering a better customer experience. Still an astonishing 8 out of 10 marketers lack confidence in personalization use and believe that their brand is behind rivals. In today’s digitally powered world, where time poor consumers are continually bombarded by brands and looking for ways to cut the irrelevant noise out, this is a worrying statistic. Brands that fail to get with the personalization agenda risk getting shut out and fall behind.

When it comes to the personalization strategy, mobile and social media lead the priority list for marketers. Implementing an effective multichannel approach to personalize each customer engagement, businesses are hurrying to connect the dots. To meet the demands of the empowered customer, companies need a more holistic picture—an approach that reveals the “why” of people’s behavior.

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Today we are explaining how personalization facilitates your brand seamless customer experiences.

Taking Control of the Omnichannel Experience

Businesses have most of the customer data they need—the problem is that it isn’t readily available across all channels. Siloed systems and channels and a lack of tools that intelligently organize and distribute data prevent organizations from delivering the seamless, omnichannel, personalized experiences buyers desire. To master this and do it continuously, in real-time represents the next stage in B2B e-commerce maturity. Contextualization – knowing your customer’s interests, behavior, and content preferences across all channels – is a more thoughtful and comprehensive approach to personalization that is quickly becoming a key component of the customer experience.

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Keeping Up with Buyer Expectations

Customers today expect—and demand—a seamless and relevant experience. They have grown accustomed to marketers’ knowledge of their preferences and anticipation of their needs. Fractured or conflicting messages from a brand make marketers seem unorganized and annoy customers, sometimes even driving them away. To avoid such unpleasant outcome, brands should follow 4 easy tips that we discussed in our previous blog Privacy and Personalization: 4 tips to make it right. Customers don’t like receiving generic messages or information that is of no interest to them – today, ‘irrelevant’ quickly becomes ‘annoying’. We think that 2016 is the year marketers really step up to the plate with responsible and effective personalization, like we did in Knexus with Experience Personalization that automatically deliver personalized experiences into your chosen digital touchpoints (e.g. a web or mobile app), ensuring high relevance, timely content that matches customer needs, and exceeding expectations.


Free up your time allowing to focus on what matters

So how do you satisfy a growing audience of diverse users? Drill down on high-value segments, for starters, and then aim to make the best-possible overarching decisions based on the information coming at you — again, another reason to layer in automation. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be conducted without a human-to-human interaction. With automated personalization businesses can deliver a faster, cheaper, smarter experience. Automation also delivers a content immediately, which addresses the customer needs problem but more importantly, delivers value added to the online visitor. Delivering seamless customer experience doesn’t have to be difficult. Try following our customer segmenation guidance. Your goal as a personalization-driven marketer should be to get someone to what’s most important to them even quicker. You’re removing friction from the process and providing better customer service in a lot of ways, and that’s powerful for any customer.

This past year we’ve helped numerous brands optimize the way they interact with their customers with our personalization solutions. By matching customer data with the highest relevant content a fully personalized experience is delivered back into chosen digital touch points, ensuring high relevance, timely content that matches customer needs and exceeds expectations, resulting in maximized engagement ROI.

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