3 Reasons to Embrace Real-Time Marketing

Aug 11, 2016 | Personalized Marketing

When we think about the distribution channels, usually the content format will drive the channel of distribution but, more importantly, the content strategy should also drive your choice of distribution channel.

As brands continue to invest in their owned channels, branded content is becoming a more critical piece of brands marketing activities. This isn’t new, but leading brands are finally beginning to create more relevant and rich content to allow the distribution to happen more seamlessly. In a content market where spend is forecasted to grow to over $300 billion in the next four years, modern-day marketers are building holistic digital marketing strategies that span across search, social and content marketing disciplines. To excel in this competitive digital environment, you need the resource and expertise to consistently generate targeted and creative campaigns.

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Here are some of the opportunities on how to improve your content distribution strategy and drive your customer engagement via real-time marketing… There’re 3 things to remember!


The faster you can react the bigger advantage you can gain over competitors. Start your real-time content distribution from the perspective of the people consuming it. As an active real-time content publisher, your social footprint creates signals that result in deeper exposure in both search engines and social networks. Know how your social media management efforts impact search visibility, and vice versa. Most content pieces become obsolete after a certain time and date. What was relevant yesterday, might not be relevant today. Linking offline campaigns with other channels such as mobile and social media can also help extend the reach of the campaign.

Hubspot suggests some of the various types of real-time marketing brands are currently undertaking:

1. Social media engagement (customer service responses)

2. Coverage for breaking social media events (think #thedress)

3. Live event promotion (tradeshow or conference coverage)

4. Location-based deals (deals that appear when a user is at a specific location)

Wayin recently undertook a study of 200 marketing professionals currently engaging in real-time marketing activities in order to ‘understand that effective real-time marketing cannot consist of a string of sporadic actions. Instead it requires a carefully planned strategy with the resources to discover the right trends, audiences and content and target them with meaningful marketing experiences at the right time.’

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Each brand may have a different set of goals and objectives that they hope to achieve through their real-time marketing activities.

By its very nature, the real time approach to marketing is all about capitalizing on trending topics as opposed to sticking to a plan. PR, marketing and social media teams need to be empowered to move quickly on an idea, or risk being late to the party; producing a campaign that falls flat because the audience has moved onto something else.

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The most popular objective of engaging in real-time marketing is not about selling products or services directly to the consumer, but to try and form meaningful relationships with customers.


Real time content publishing comes with real time analytics, arguably the most important element for pitching the value of this approach to decision-makers. Anticipate measures of success (or failure) during your planning process, and discuss potential work-arounds. Evaluate engagement in real-time and ensure team members are available and empowered to change mid-course. nderstand the mindset of your audience. Understand their social media habits, tendencies, and proclivities. To drive stronger brand engagement in real-time, at Knexus, we developed Distribute & Engage that measures content performance, engagement, user behaviour and comparative channel performance across channels.


To drive stronger brand engagement in real-time we developed the Knexus platform, which can measure content performance, engagement, user behaviour and comparative channel performance across channels.

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