Single Use Subscription

Choose the content you want to transform

Knexus matches each customer to your most influential content, whether it’s from your brand, influencers, customers or partners & integrates it into the ecommerce journey across key buying moments. At the same time as a shopper is consuming the content, Knexus automatically identifies & showcases the product best related to your content. Take your pick!

Instagram content

Instagram is powerful on it’s own but is even more powerful in the ecommerce journey. Knexus automatically integrates this content whether it’s from you, influencers, customer or partners into individual buying journeys across the entire ecommerce journey – creating confident purchases. 

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Brand content

Brand content provides shoppers with insights into your brand whether that’s around sustainability, innovation or your brand story. Whether this content sits on your blog or across social media, Knexus will find it & deliver it to the right shopper or customer at the key moment of their ecommerce journey. 

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Video content

The consumption of video is growing rapidly so why aren’t brands using these influential videos to validate purchase decisions across their ecommerce store? Knexus enables brands to do just that. Knexus turns your videos into personalized & shoppable assets for every buying journey. 

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Customer support content

Customers demand & expect answers to their questions instantly & don’t want to sift through your website to find them. Knexus enables brands to surface content which best supports shoppers & customers – automatically integrating it into the ecommerce journey for individual buying journeys.

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‘Within a few months of putting Knexus live, we’d seen a 162% year on year sales uplift from our website.’

— Zyrtec

"One of the reasons we like working with Knexus is how seamless it is from setup and integration to launch and management. There is no manual resource required to manage the platform once live, everything is automated which saves our team time so they can focus on output."

— Johnson’s Baby

"The team gained unique insight into how their articles, posts, videos, and other assets directly impacted sales performance. This meant that the team could connect the content within their CRM campaigns to sales for the first time ever."

— O2 Telefonica

Brands see significant return from Knexus

Here’s a snapshot of some of the results brands have seen after implementing Knexus.


72% Sales uplift from brand content


61% Sales uplift from Instagram content


35% Sales uplift from video content


32% Sales uplift from customer support content

Why Knexus?


Fully automated

Knexus is fully automated from content & product selection through to delivery & optimization.

No content is off limits

Knexus transforms your content no matter what form it’s in whether it’s images, videos, articles, blogs – you name it.


Knexus is scalable across your ecommerce site, mobile app, CRM & PPC landing pages.

Based on machine learning

Through machine learning Knexus never stops learning, continually building intelligence around your content, products & customers.

Enquire about your subscription plan

Knexus offers a Single Use subscription plan which is perfect for brands looking to get started with less investment – allowing brands to start small & scale up if desired. Start with either Instagram, video, brand or customer support content & see if it’s for you!