Increase Sales

With Social eCommerce

Use Social to Boost eCommerce Sales

Increase eCommerce sales by integrating hyper relevant social media content at key points in buying journeys.


Convert at scale. Automatically display the most relevant Instagram post based on the visitor’s profile and the product page they’re on.

Home Page

Improve customer experience. Display personalized social media posts or video, increasing CTR and time spent on site.

Shoppable posts and images

Fast-track buying journeys. Products featured in images or Instagram posts can be automatically detected and displayed to visitors.

Bring Social and eCommerce Together

87% of eCommerce shoppers believe social media helps them make a shopping decision.

That’s okay – your brand makes great social media content.

Job done, it seems.

Until your target customer arrives at your eCommerce site, and all of that inspirational and persuasive social media content is nowhere to be seen.

It’s a waste.

With Knexus, your most effective Instagram posts and YouTube videos can be integrated on a personalized basis on PDPs and other key pages.

Stop Guessing

Integrate the social content that most effectively converts each visitor, on a 1:1 basis.

Brand Content

Leverage your investment in high quality Instagram content, increase eCommerce conversions.

Influencer Content

Display reviews and endorsements from trusted influencers to give visitors the confidence to purchase.

User Generated Content

Authentic images from customers that enhance your credibility 

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