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Knexus helps ecommerce and marketing teams unlock the value of marketing and social content from anywhere and in any form, to scale deployment across buyer journeys and increase sales.



Knexus has helped ecommerce teams accelerate sales & drive revenue

By leveraging marketing content which is typically out of reach for ecommerce teams, it has enabled our customers to drive engagement beyond likes, clicks and shares. Since using Knexus, brands have provided shoppable and personalized experiences through the use of visual commerce which has resulted in a significant uplift in sales, conversions and volume of orders. 


Uplift in sales




Volume of orders

Marketing content is an easy win

With the majority of marketing and social content, particularly influencer and user-generated content, sitting outside of ecommerce, this means ecommerce teams have no visibility on what content exists.

Enter Knexus. No matter if your content is an influencer post, a YouTube video or a blog article, Knexus will automatically find it. The platform unlocks all existing content, to ensure brands can deploy it at scale and integrate it into the entire buyer journey – accelerating the path to purchase and increasing revenue.


Make content shoppable

Speaking of content that is unidentified, most of it is also un-indexed. This means ecommerce teams aren’t able to understand what content their products relate to or which part of the buying journey.

Enter machine learning. Knexus identifies, indexes and categorizes all content and automatically matches customers to content, and content to relevant products. Not only does this provide personalized experiences for each customer but it makes your content instantly shoppable – accelerating sales.


Increase sales & conversions

The lack of visibility on what content exists means there is a lack of data and analysis on whether your Instagram influencers or YouTube videos for example, are generating conversions and sales.

Through machine learning Knexus never stops learning, continually building intelligence around both your content and customers. Plus, our advanced content analytics automatically identifies your best converting content, identifying additional revenue opportunities for you.


The team can tap into direct sales insight to inform future content investments

With advanced content analytics now in place, we can quickly see the relationship between different types of content and sales performance. As a result, the team can tap into direct sales insight to inform future content investments
Johnson’s Baby

Knexus has empowered marketers

Knexus has enabled marketers to leverage compelling user-generated and influencer content beyond the Instagram or YouTube platform and into the entire buyer journey. Marketers spend less time segmenting and personalizing their output thanks to Knexus’ automation and machine learning which matches each content asset to the relevant customer during the key buying moments. This has accelerated marketers productivity significantly.  


Content CTR


Improved sales exists from articles made shoppable


Reduction in bounce rate

the team has made huge leaps in productivity

“As the visual commerce platform is fully automated – from content selection right through to delivery and optimization – the team has made huge leaps in productivity.”
CPG Brand

Say goodbye to manual segmentation

Manually segmenting and personalizing your marketing assets to meet each customer’s unique profile is virtually impossible.

Through automation and machine learning, Knexus pairs content and customer intelligence so that the most relevant assets, from influencer posts and YouTube videos to blogs and articles, are shown to each shopper based on their unique profile.

Each customer will be served personalized content with the relevant product featured to deliver a personalized and shoppable experience.


Free content from channel silos

Influencer posts and user generated content is the dream for marketers. However, the real challenge is integrating it into the entire buyer journey, beyond the channel it was made for such as Instagram and YouTube.

No matter where your content is or what form it is in, Knexus will automatically find it, categorize and tag it. The platform then uses machine learning to match customers to this content and identify the right time in the buying journey to deliver each asset for optimal results.


Exceed your marketing targets

Marketers are tasked with identifying ways to reduce bounce rates, increase CTR, increase engagement, lower CPA and increase ROMI to support the overall ecommerce objectives.

Knexus optimizes and analyzes every content asset to ensure marketers are using the content with the best chance of converting. With customers receiving relevant content and products this means they are less likely to leave, reducing bounce rates, increasing CTR and improve sales and conversions.


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