The AI challenge to optimize content & customer journeys in Insurance Brands

The AI challenge to optimize content & customer journeys in Insurance Brands


The Insurance industry faces an age of disruption, with ever more demanding customers, new competitors and changing technologies. As companies accelerate their digital transformation, creating a customer-centric approach to engage customers is a key pillar.

So what is the role of AI in optimizing customer journeys to improve customer experiences and grow sales.

Knexus, the AI optimized customer journey specialists, are delivering exclusive, private briefings for leading financial services firms such as AXA, Bank of New York and UBS.

The briefing addresses topics including..

  • Main barriers to Insurance companies optimizing content in customer journeys
  • Using AI to get around these in practice
  • Using the best content at the right time
  • Automating content integration into journeys
  • Increasing relevance for customers
  • Main benefits
  • Growing sales
  • Improving customer experience
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing content ROI
  • Key steps to get started
  • Questions

Optimized Integrations

Briefing participant feedback

There’s less mystery around how we can use artificial intelligence to meet our marketing objectives

Global Marketing Manager

AI is such a hot topic but this has identified clear ways to apply it to improve customer experience

Digital Experience Director

Its helped identify specific actions we can take to improve our customer journeys

Marketing Director

For sure we should be optimizing content in our customer journeys

VP Digital

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