The AI challenge to optimize content & customer journeys in Retail Banking

The AI challenge to optimize content & customer journeys in Retail Banking


Removing friction from the customer journey is a top priority for Retail Banks in 2018. But how can AI be used to optimize marketing or social content in customer journeys to grow revenue and improve customer experiences.

AI optimized customer journey specialists Knexus are delivering a series of exclusive, private briefings for leading banks such as Bank of New York and UBS.

Insights shared through the briefings include….

  • Why Banks don’t optimize content in customer journeys (main barriers to adoption)
  • How to get around them in practice, using AI
  • Key benefits, including..
  • The importance of increasing relevance for customers
  • Automating content integration to improve customer experience
  • How marketing content can be used more effectively to improve engagement and sales
  • How to Get Started
  • Questions

Optimized Integrations

Some of the feedback from briefings to-date

Very helpful, especially as greater relevance is a priority for us to improve new customer acquisition

Senior Marketing Manager

For sure we should be optimizing content in our customer journeys

VP Digital

AI is such a hot topic but this has identified clear ways to apply it to improve customer experience

Digital Experience Director

Thanks. Fits well with one of our priorities to make content work harder for the bank

Head of Content Marketing

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