The AI challenge to optimize content & customer journeys in Retail

The AI challenge to optimize content & customer journeys in Retail


The retail industry is abuzz with insights about the impact of AI on ecommerce and digital customer experiences. But how does AI effect customer journeys specifically in terms of optimizing social and marketing content to grow sales.

Knexus, the experts in AI optimized customer journeys using social and marketing content, are holding exclusive, private briefings with leading retail brands to share insights on this challenge.

Insights include….

  • Why Retailers don’t optimize content in customer journeys (main barriers to adoption)
  • How to get around them in practice, using AI
  • Key benefits, including..
  • The importance of increasing relevance for customers
  • Automating content integration into buying journeys
  • How social and marketing content can be used more effectively to improve engagement and sales
  • How to Get Started
  • Questions

Optimized Integrations

Some of the feedback from briefings to-date

We see an opportunity to break down silos with how we use content

Head of Social Media

It’s good to get beyond the hype with AI and understand specific examples of how it can support our sales objectives

VP eCommerce

The briefing shows a missing piece of the puzzle with our CRO strategy

Conversion Rate Optimisation Manager

We have the data, it’s helped us see where we can do more with content without extra headcount

Digital Director

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