Data-Driven Website Personalization

Deliver hyper relevant content to each visitor

Fully automated

Knexus’ machine learning based platform automatically…



Identifies, tags, and indexes all available content on an ongoing basis. 



The most relevant content for each visitor is dynamically decided on every page load.


The Knexus widget seamlessly switches between displaying articles, videos or social media posts, depending on the visitor.

A million visitors, a million pages

1:1 personalization means dynamically deciding the best content for each customer in the time in takes for the page to load.

It’s more powerful than rules or segment based personalization, and reliably produces superior results.

And importantly, it doesn’t require maintenance and updating, freeing up resources for other priorities.

Leverage More Content Types


Fast-track buying journeys. Select the perfect website article for each visitor, or add the most relevant product to the article your visitor is reading.


Show, don’t tell. Give your visitor another view of the product via brand photos, influencer posts or UGC.



Leverage multi-media. Display value added content, unboxing videos or your latest commercials. Whatever your visitor needs to feel ready to purchase.


Aid product discovery. Deliver your most relevant and effective images and make them shoppable for the products shown within.


Make the most of your YouTube videos. Your site visitors may not find your YouTube channel, but they want the content contained in your videos!

Many More

Whatever the content type, if it’s effective, we’ll deliver it to the right visitor at the right time.

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