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Give your shoppers individualized and contextually relevant content that makes their buying decisions easier and boosts sales – with visual commerce from Knexus.

Attract, engage, and sell more with visual commerce

Unlock the power of your content

Pair content and customer intelligence so that the most relevant assets are shown to each shopper based on their unique profile. Unlock every type and source – from articles and videos to YouTube and Instagram – to inspire and influence your shoppers.

Monetize your content

Influence the behavior of your shoppers and make each buying journey easier. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Knexus matches the most relevant content with the right products automatically, in real time, and at scale.

Accelerate website conversions

Turn your visitors into customers by showing them content that’s most relevant to their needs. Knexus embeds your educational, influential, and inspirational videos, articles, and posts to shorten the buying journey and sell more.

Deliver individual experiences at scale

Give every shopper meaningful content experiences that engage and convert. As a fully automated platform, Knexus manages everything from tagging your content right through to showing it at optimal moments. And it never stops improving results.

Keep shoppers engaged and primed to buy

Deliver fresh, dynamic content for every visitor

Maximize your engagement metrics by automatically providing visitors with fresh, dynamic content that reflects their interests and affinities. Each shopper is shown new content on every refresh and return visit, in turn boosting the average time spent on site. 

Show different content to different audiences

Knexus automatically shows personalized content based on each individual buying profile, but you can also show specific content for particular groups of people. For example, creating individual homepages tailored for new visitors and returning shoppers. 

Create a faster path to purchase

Streamline the buying journey through Knexus’ automated visual commerce platform. When interacting with personalized visual content, a pop-up or new window pulls in the content, relevant products and eRetailer links to encourage visitors to buy the item. 

Create content experiences that convert

Inspire and motivate your shoppers to buy

Optimize website conversions with inspirational social proof from your community. Tap into social media content from your paid influencers, brand advocates, and customers, automatically embedding it in real-time across relevant product display pages to encourage sales. 

Create individualized buying moments

Knexus’ visual commerce platform combines machine learning, customer data and content intelligence to determine the most compelling content to present to each of your website visitors, evolving its understanding without any human input to keep maximizing sales. 

Build trust and confidence with your visitors

Place your branded content, such as high value videos that reflect your narrative, on key eCommerce pages to build trust, confidence, and positive emotions from first-time visitors hovering over the ‘buy it now’ button. Automatically, dynamically, and at scale. 

Tap into the power of every content asset

Complete visibility into all your content

Knexus’ data-driven visual commerce platform enables you to centralize all of your assets into a digital content library at the click of a button. Have complete visibility into every asset that can be used to deliver personalized buying moments on your site. 

Connect into content, channels, and sources

From your social profiles to your website, right through to other sites, blogs, and user generated or influencer posts, you can connect into any content source that has an API. Tap into your existing data providers to enrich your content intelligence from the get-go. 

Quickly and easily categorize all your content

Through machine learning, Knexus automatically categorizes your content with relevant tags to optimize its decision-making process. There’s no human input needed, but you can manually add in tags to reflect specific campaigns should you need. 

Get profitable insights into your content

Prove the ROI of your content

Get a snapshot overview into how your content is driving value for your website through the Knexus dashboard. Customize your dashboard summary to show the metrics that matter to you, such as content click through rate, sales, time on site, and bounce rate. 

Drill down into individual buying journeys

Dive deeper into your content analytics by breaking them down into individual customer journeys, enabling you to see the precise the content that led to each sale. Easily assess the performance of specific pages, content types, and more, using this knowledge to guide future strategies. 

Make more profitable business decisions

By identifying your best performing and least successful content assets, you can use the insight to guide future content creation and marketing strategies. Spend your time more strategically by focusing on the content that directly impacts your sales figures. 

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