Knexus is iOS 15 ready – are you?

Apple has just implemented new privacy updates under its latest IOS 15 Software. On the surface, these changes hurt a marketer’s ability to track the effectiveness of their CRM. However, the actual content of your emails, not the subject line, now takes centre stage....

Why brands should leverage TikTok content to validate purchase decisions in ecommerce journeys

A human has an average attention span of about 8 seconds, one second less than a goldfish and 21 seconds less than a dog- but humans have TikTok, and with it, access to millions of viral videos averaging 10 seconds or less. Suddenly 8 seconds seems plenty. The...

Getting real about third-party cookies

Google's announcement to extend the demise of third party cookies, is an opportune time for brands to prioritize first-party data - allowing brands more time to rebuild the road to a sustainable long-term solution that drives better results. The demise of the...


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