Knexus for B2B ecommerce

Simplify, personalize & monetize the online buying journey & tailor the B2B ecommerce shopping experience to every existing or prospective customer. Provide validation during the key buying moments by automatically leveraging your most influential & educational content to acquire, retain & upsell customers. 

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Knexus for every stage of the buying journey 

Knexus engages shoppers & customers based on various attributes such as their buying behaviour, journey stage & stage of life, across your ecommerce site, mobile app, PPC landing pages & CRM campaigns. 


Automatically tighten the moment of influence to the point of sale.  Knexus integrates your social, thought-leadership & marketing content into the ecommerce journey – matching individual customers to the most relevant content.

 Knexus integrates personalized product recommendations into these content assets – accelerating the path to purchase for new customers.


Don’t lose your customers to competitors. Knexus enables companies to deliver personalized communications which will breed customer loyalty.

Based on unique customer data & content intelligence, Knexus identifies the most influential content & the most optimal time to deliver it to the customer.


Knexus automatically delivers the most relevant content with data driven, personalized products based on the customer’s behaviour and purchase history.

Provide the right content at the key moment to help solution & product discovery. 

Visual commerce for ecommerce sites

Whether a visitor is new to your site, is returning or is logging in, Knexus uses AI to dynamically match each customer to the relevant content for personalized ecommerce journeys.

At the same time as a shopper is consuming content, Knexus also automatically identifies & showcases related products – integrating personalized purchase options into each content asset for shoppable ecommerce journeys.

In app moments that boost revenue

If your business has invested a significant amount of time and money into developing a mobile app you are in your customer’s pockets – literally – that’s where the smart phones are after all. Visual commerce is where you will see ROI from your mobile app. 

Make your app unforgettable by delivering the most relevant content – whether it’s from you, your partners or your customers – directly into the app. Strengthen loyalty & boost the sales potential of every in-app experience with personalized & shoppable in app journeys. 

Dynamic, personalized PPC landing pages

During a customer’s research into brands & products your ad could be just the ticket. However, if the landing page doesn’t meet the intent or journey stage, you’ll likely lose them to a competitor.

Knexus allows you to give every person who clicks on your paid search ads a personalized & engaging experience in the milliseconds it takes for your landing page to load. Knexus automatically matches your PPC landing pages to each individual’s search intent delivering product recommendations & relevant content based on the search query.

Automated & Dynamic CRM campaigns

Automate your CRM campaigns with email newsletters that are automatically populated with fresh, engaging content which is then paired with the most relevant products and served to the right customers.

Based on the newsletter subscriber’s profile, behaviour & purchasing history, Knexus automatically triggers a communication with data driven, personalized products and content.

A snapshot of the content Knexus transforms

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Make your ecommerce site more engaging & relevant for each visitor by integrating personalized videos from YouTube or beyond, into the buying journey. Knexus automatically displays the videos in a dynamic & personalized landing page so the visitor doesn’t have to leave the site to consume the content. Alongside the video, the visitor is delivered a recommended product identified by Knexus from the video content.


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Blogs are pretty much essential for all online businesses as they carry significant SEO benefits, generate website traffic & increase engagement. However, vast number of blogs are separate from the ecommerce site meaning companies are missing out on the multiple benefits of their blog content. Knexus integrates this blog content into the ecommerce journey without any upheaval or platform integration & dynamically showcases it across individual buying journeys on your ecommerce site.


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Knexus discovers images from your social, marketing or brand content whether they’re from you, influencers, customers or partners and automatically transforms them into personalized & shoppable assets. Through AI, Knexus delivers these images to the right customer at the key moment – giving shoppers the confidence to purchase.

Brand content

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Shoppers are increasingly favoring companies who apply sustainable practices & exercise ethical business standards. This content is what companies are striving to promote & showcase to potential customers but if it’s not visible in their ecommerce journey, it might be missed. Whether your content is around sustainability or alternative topics, Knexus automatically integrates into the ecommerce journey & delivers it to the right shopper at the optimal moment to create trust & credibility as well as informed purchase decisions.


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When a visitor lands on your website, they are served personalized articles & directed to a dedicated landing page to consume the content. As the visitor reads the article, Knexus automatically identifies & displays product recommendations based on the article that initially caught their interest. Feeling confident after consuming the content, the visitor is ready to buy.

Customer support content

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Customer support content is likely sitting somewhere on the website already but may be missed or not easily found by customers. Knexus delivers this content to the customer at the key moment of their customer journey, for example during the retention or upsell stage. Customers will be nurtured with educational content when it matters most.

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