How AI improves content ROI and audience engagement with relevant content

Jun 29, 2017 | Content Experience

Harness The Power Of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot, hot topic as adoption sweeps across industries from financial services to retail, automating functions and enabling machine based decision making on a previously unimaginable scale.

Alan Turing, the father of AI, asked the question “Can machines think?” in 1950. In recent times, the scope of AI has matured, accelerated and evolved, taking on cognitive capabilities associated with the human brain in terms of learning and problem solving. However, a machine can analyse data and make decisions at a vastly greater scale and speed than humans. Hence the alluring potential of ‘super-human’ capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Harness the power  of AI

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So it’s no surprise that AI is hitting the headlines because of the sheer breadth of potential applications it has, from understanding speech to pioneering self-drive cars. But in the world of sales and marketing, what role does AI play in improving audience engagement and using content more effectively.

AI Based Content Intelligence

The potential for AI in relation to content and how content drives engagement is quite broad, including content planning, creation, promotion and optimization. The bottom line is that almost all aspects of using content for marketing and engagement is quite manual, time consuming and expensive, providing scope for AI to automate, accelerate and reduce costs.

Content Intelligence is a term championed by, amongst others, research firm Forrester, and refers to the ability to understand fully what an individual piece of content is. That can include what it’s related to, its previous performance, and performance relative to similar types of content. The objective is then to be able to make better decisions on how to use that content.

Forrester analyst Ryan Skinner defines content intelligence as “technology that helps content understand itself—what it’s about, how it speaks, how effective it is at accomplishing certain goals, what emotions it calls to mind, etc.”

A big jump in content creation brought unanticipated complexity

By understanding everything there is to know about a piece of content, a brand is best placed to make the most effective decisions on how best to use or reuse the content and maximize its ROI. It offers the prospect of a virtuous circle whereby a brand is able to target the right content more effectively for a specific consumer or audience and uses insights from the success of content to define what types of content creation should be invested in for future success.

A Big Jump In Content Creation Brought Unanticipated Complexity

Viewed through the lense of one piece of content, content intelligence sounds interesting but not game-changing. However, marketing departments are generating historically high levels of content through social media, advertising, owned digital properties etc.

“U.S. marketers spent more than $10 billion on content in 2016 (source: Forrester)”

With content generation constantly evolving and often delivered through a dispirit network of in-house, agency and influencer resources, brands struggle to find and match the best content to deliver against their engagement objectives and to reuse content effectively. The result is sub-optimal engagement with customers and a poor return on content investment. The true power of content intelligence is its ability to work across this complex matrix to unlock the full potential of a brands content.

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