Knexus is iOS 15 ready – are you?

Oct 14, 2021 | Customer Journeys

Apple has just implemented new privacy updates under its latest IOS 15 Software. On the surface, these changes hurt a marketer’s ability to track the effectiveness of their CRM. However, the actual content of your emails, not the subject line, now takes centre stage. Combining your content with the Knexus platform can unlock a new dimension to your CRM. Find out more in this blog below….

September 20th– The day of the first-ever Cannes Film Festival, the day Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes, and now, the day Apple implemented its new iOS 15 software.

And… the reviews are in… the new iOS 15 software is… a blow. A big blow for most email marketers. It’s like being hit by Mrs King’s serve. Twice.

You see, the new privacy updates on iOS 15 means two things for an email marketer:

1. Intelligence Tracking prevention– Gone are the days that marketers can track a user’s IP address. IP addresses will be hidden along with their location, essentially removing tracking pixels from emails. This means senders can’t link it to a subscriber’s online activity or track locations. As if personalization wasn’t hard enough.

2. Mail privacy protection– iOS 15 means open rates which were once a marketer’s key success metric will be almost useless. 


And wait… it gets worse? Dwindling open rates affects your ability to track other metrics. Think of your retention and re-engagement metrics, your deliverability tracking or your list hygiene. It’s like you’ve been left on read. And you don’t even know it.

As marketers know, open rate is only one of the many metrics which has you tearing your hair out. Marketers are also all too familiar with CTR and conversions but now these metrics will be vital to determine the success of a campaign. 

So… if we were to end this blog now… roll the credits if you will, then iOS 15 seems to have won, it’s an e-marketers kryptonite. But wait… what if there’s a plot twist. A curveball. A bolt from the blue. What if iOS 15 could provide new opportunities for your CRM campaigns? Let me explain.

iOS 15, Knexus is ready for you…

As brands inevitably become more dependent on first-party data and converting customers from the first touchpoint, it’s vital for brands to start building first-party data now and provide hyper-relevant experiences for every shopper. Enter Knexus.

Knexus doesn’t rely on third-party cookies, Knexus creates anonymous visitor cookies which are treated as first-party data, deployed on the brand’s domain through visitor tracking. So, not only does Knexus support first-party data but the platform uses AI and ML to deliver personalized & shoppable experiences for every single shopper.

Hyper relevant, personlized CRM campaigns

87% of buying decisions begin with research before the purchase is made. Now that the first touchpoint is even more crucial than ever, brands need to adapt. Knexus enables brands to deliver the research, social proof and validation directly to each shopper so they can purchase immediately without having to research elsewhere.

How does this work for CRM campaigns I hear you ask? Well, Knexus quickly transforms CRM program efficiency & effectiveness by using data to deliver fully personalized content whilst automating end-to-end campaign management. Plus, Knexus Platform sits on top of your current CRM system, with no disruption to your current processes but instead supercharges them.

Hyper relevant CRM campaigns

Make your content:


Knexus uses ML to decide which influencer, UGC or brand content is most relevant to every subscriber based on their affinities, interests, purchase behaviours & more. Instead of creating multiple templates for segmented audience groups, Knexus uses AI to dynamically populate the one template with dynamic content for every subscriber. You send one template but every subscriber receives something different. This entire process is automated which means no more manual creation and segmentation.


Not only are your CRM campaigns hyper relevant to every subscriber but Knexus makes them shoppable. Knexus matches content to the relevant product recommendations and dynamically integrates them into the email alongside the content. If the subscriber is inspired, don’t make them search for the product.

These dynamic CRM campaigns get results

 By simply integrating dynamic social proof into CRM campaigns, brands show:  


+143% Sales uplift


+374% Increase in website traffic

“The team gained unique insights into how their articles, posts, videos, and other assets directly impacted sales performance. This meant that the team could connect the content within their CRM campaigns to sales for the first time ever.”  – O2 Telefonica
Knexus for CRM transforms your CRM campaigns into fully personalized experiences, based on each subscriber’s data, to bolster performance. Display the best UGC, influencer & brand content alongside the relevant products & offers to encourage confident purchases. And using Knexus, email campaign creation is fully automated, saving resources, time & cost. Book a demo.


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