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Mar 10, 2016 | Visual Marketing

When it comes to driving customer engagement for B2B brands, content marketing can be challenging…

In fact, 65% of B2B senior marketing executives consider content creation and distribution as their top challenges for 2016. At Knexus, we understand the importance of providing timely and relevant customer experiences so we decided to share with you a review of some of the most successful B2B marketing campaigns in terms of connecting and engaging the target audiences.

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M&G Investments’ takes a technical and complex product such as bond investment and uses its advisors to make the process more fun and interesting than a typical finance datasheet. Dominic Traynor, head of digital marketing at M&G Investments, says the company now has 35 social media profiles across five countries, with their measure of success not just limited to levels of interest but also “shareability” of content. Bond Vigilantes is timely and expertly written by top managers and represents a company “outspoken voice” triggering intriguing discussions among business professionals across the various digital platforms.

Source: (Bond Vigilantes) (Financial Times)



Since the launch of “Imagination at work” campaign in 2010, the company has been successfully using microsites representing GE initiatives and mobile apps to educate their users about the environmental concerns and global warming. Furthermore, GE was also one of the first companies to embrace live-streaming videos using Youtube and Periscope digital channels. “We’re always trying to tell the full picture of the GE story, which is a complicated one, so anytime we can talk about the various industries and variety of expertise and disciplines, we try to find a unique and innovative way to do that.” says Sam Olstein, GE’s Director of Innovation. GE’s Ecomagination photo project asked visitors to submit photos of wind, light or water to raise money for environmental-related charities. It gathered more than 1 million views during the first month..

Source: (GE – Ecomagination) (Ceros)


Tetra Pak is using a highly targeted campaign to demonstrate its marketing and product expertise, not just sell packaging. “Whoever you’re marketing to, even in the B2B space, everyone’s a consumer and you need to keep it interesting,” explains Larine Urbina, communications manager at Tetra Pak US.  Tetra Pak takes their customers to a mini-adventure starting from social media channels to your doorstep. It also includes foldout that mimics the Instagram look and feel, directing prospects into a portal that offers additional design concepts and product features.

 Source: (Dreamcap) (Vision Critical)



The world’s largest container shipping company with operations in 150 countries and 250,000 employees now operate nine social media channels with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The team created their own “glocal” marketing approach – with over 150 country communication managers worldwide being set up to post on the global page but with local news only being visible to their region. Simple way to produce timely and relevant customer communications.

Source: (Maersk Line) (Linkhumans)


One of the world’s largest professional services firms is using its core capability –  knowledge and expertise to add value to their readers. In order to reach multiple audiences effectively, Deloitte have created a set of dedicated content hubs, executed using topic tags based on each of the different services Deloitte provide and the industries in which they operate.  Using the hashtags to create focused discussions on topics from cyber security to corporate citizenship across the digital media platforms, the company has significantly expanded their digital presence throughout the last several years. 

Source: (Deloitte’s Digital B2B Hub)



The latest Natwest’s marketing initiative is a great example of how the physical approach can be combined with the launch of a series of new mobile apps (designed and developed by the public) and social media campaigns as part of a wider move to engage with customers faster. Focusing on significant life moments such as moving the house or planning wedding, company started deploying more customer-centric approach. Natwest redefines bank-customer relations by focusing what matters the most for their clients. A successful campaign increased the bank’s overall digital influence by boosting the followers numbers and achieving the record number of apps downloads.

Source: (About Natwest’s living project)

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